Cupcake Flavors

Our cupcake flavors change monthly and are available in store only. Our *everyday flavors are our most popular and are therefore available daily. Please call us to place an order or stop by to pick up a sweet treat (limited quantities daily). The images below show every flavor we can make, but the only flavors we have this month are listed below.

January Flavors:


Vanilla/Vanilla, Vanilla/Chocolate,Chocolate/Chocolate,Chocolate/Vanilla, Red Velvet

Cookies: Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip Toffee and Lemon White Chocolate - everyday

                 additional cookie flavors change daily


Monday - Wednesday - Friday:

 Champagne, Cookie Dough, Lime

Chocolate Raspberry, Triple Chocolate, Nutella


Tuesday - Thursday:

 Angel Food, Birthday Cake, Banana Creme Pie

Chocolate Oreo, German Chocolate, Smores



Banana Creme Pie, Lime, Birthday Cake

Chocolate Oreo, Triple Chocolate, Smores

(Please scroll over or tap image for description of cupcake)

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